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Friday links December 7: Deworming, impacts of infrastructure, nudges, and more…

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·         Givewell’s blog has an extended discussion revisiting the case for economic benefits of deworming.

·         What works in tackling HIV? A 3ie post summarizes some of the evidence.

·         DFID’s December Growth Research News has a review of the evidence on the impact of infrastructure on output and growth.

·         The gap in the evidence base on what works in conflict-affected and fragile states, and what might be done about it – blog post by the SLRC.

·         The UK’s Nudge unit claims to have a blog – although really it is a series of short pdfs summarizing some of the latest behavioral research and the implications for policy.


Submitted by Arianna on
Eric seems disappointed that HIV prevalence has not fallen, but does he realize that prevalence falls when people die? So we are very happy that prevalence has not fallen as access to ARV treatment has kept people alive and improve their quality of life. This week in Cape Town, 20 teams from mostly health Ministries came to use all we know to save lives. Senegal decided to go national with SMS reminders to increase HIV adherence among HIV patients. This will save more lives. Development Impact Evaluation Initiative Innovating in Design: Evidence for Impact in Health,,contentMDK:23291415~pagePK:64168445~piPK:64168309~theSitePK:3998212,00.html

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