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Submitted by Hillary Johnson on

Very interesting. However, I found one of the conclusions not completely convincing. In the last paragraph, significantly lower reports of tolerance of homosexuals and prostitutes is interpreted that people are lying to local enumerators. This may not be the whole story, and taken out of context this conclusion is not entirely convincing. For example, let's say that in the village where the person lives, the stigma of homosexuality is very strong. Even if the person does not really have a problem with homosexuals, perhaps they may not want to express this to a local, for fear of being judged or even accused and stigmitized as being a closet homosexual. Thus, they align themselves with the answer that they think the enumerator wants to hear--and not in the sense of hiding their intolerance but rather feeling pressured to show intolerance. In such a scenario, it would be the local enumerator hearing the lies and the outsider hearing the truth.