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Submitted by Anders on

Glad to read you highlighting the pivotal role that IRBs can and should play. A huge lacunae in the governance structure of medical/clinical trials in developing nations is the absence or total dysfunctional and indeed highly collusive nature of local research ethics committees. Medical trials are now a multi-billion dollar business.
A cursory search revealed that there is at present no IRB within the World Bank despite its signal role in sponsoring and spearheading a whole raft of research both experimental/non-experimental that involve human subjects.
Of course staffing of these research ethics committees and their role in running audits of data collection teams is really long overdue.
This needs in turn to be supporting by better reporting regarding the process of recruitment and follow –up of study subjects especially drop-outs. Journals could play a part in allowing video recordings of data collection, especially curated interviews such as focus groups, to be included on their websites once articles have been accepted for publication.