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Submitted by Berk Ozler on
Hi Seb,

No worries about my name - thanks for correcting. And, your 44% for pure control also makes sense, making your ICC to be somewhere between 0 and 0.1. So, all good there...

On the issue of take-up, if I am not misunderstanding, you're lowering the PPE saturation from the optimal 0.5 to numbers that are lower. What happens then, I think by definition, is that the untreated are 1 minus that saturation. So, that will lower the SE (MDE) for the SNT.

The hidden issue here, that is not addressed in the software is that you're trying to deal with non-compliance by changing the share of treated. They could actually be different things, in the sense that the spillovers on the randomized out could be different from spillovers on the non-compliers. This is an issue that gets complicated fast - and, if you look at earlier versions of our paper on SSRN, you'll see text that touches on the issue of non-compliance.

I hope this helps. Cheers,