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I understand that the $ 66 billion a year is the amount needed assuming 100% accuracy in need. Of course, we have a problem with accuracy. Note in Table 4: 62.5 - 81.2% of it was off target. I wonder where the last item - Household - 0% outside the aim. Was it a tip? In any case, Table 2 shows that in practice remains to be done by tens of percent.
In the referenced article Worldbank rate of decline percentage points (linear regression), that in 2017 it amounts to 6.9% of the population, or 508 million people. So a person would be accounted 36 cents a day. It would increase income by an average of 23% - a significant amount, is not it?
Let us remember that we are talking about the minimum income $ 57 per person per month, and so on liquidation of extreme poverty and not poverty.