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Submitted by Miles on

Hey Simon,
Thanks for putting this together as it is really helpful!
I have a similar question. I'm working with school data that is structured at the student x year level for ten years. I have a treatment that was introduced to a number of schools at different time points (ex: some got it in 2010, some got it in 2015), with the treatment variable as dichotomous (1 during treatment years, 0 during non-treatment years and schools that never received the treatment). I'm currently trying to run an ritest with clustering at the school level. The code looks something like:

ritest teatment _b [treatment], cluster (school): reg outcome treatment year $controls, robust cluster (school)

I keep getting the error that my treatment isn't constant within the clusters (which it shouldn't be), but am not sure how to resolve this issue. Any ideas about what could be going wrong?