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Submitted by Simon Heß on

In the past months I received several emails asking about how to implement the pairwise tests for experiments with more than two treatment groups (Point 7 above). I thus added a new option to -ritest- that makes this easy.

Using the option fixlevels(list of levels), one can restrict the re-randomization to hold all observations fixed that have the specified values for the treatment variable. In terms of the example David gave in this post, this could be simply done by specifying:

ritest treatment (_b[0.treatment]-_b[1.treatment]), cluster(clustervar) strata(stratavar) fixlevels(2): reg y i.treatment

The way the option is implemented internally is fairly straightforward, by creating a temporary stratum for each of the specified levels during the re-randomization (Jason Kerwins's idea). The new version of -ritest- can be obtained from my GitHub. Via Stata:

net describe ritest, from(

Please don't hesitate to contact me for bug reports or if you have questions.