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Submitted by Ruth Ann Church on

Thank you David! Reading this post was one of those, "hey, I know him!" moments. I was a masters student at U Penn in 1990 - 1991 in the International Development and Appropriate Technology program headed by Howard Pack. Mark Rosenzweig taught a micro-economics course for us focused on development issues. I remember learning to create econometric models of how cows provide insurance in India. We knew he was a pioneer and were all proud and excited to be part of his classroom.

So CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Rosenzweig!

I have since gone on, through a non-direct career path, to start my own specialty coffee importing and consulting business, Artisan Coffee Imports. I like to believe I can create positive development impacts via my coffee buying, selling and consulting.
Click here ( for a blog on coffee farm profitability I just wrote. It draws on the second masters degree I just completed at Michigan State University with Dan Clay as my advisor. I was able to live in Rwanda for 9 months with my family.

A volunteer post I hold is a board member for the International Womens Coffee Alliance (IWCA). This webpage ( gives an overview of the Research Alliance I've started there.
Ruth Ann Church