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Submitted by Mariajose Silva V. on

Some suggestions that might be useful to capture "academic" pictures and with good quality:

1. Think of the research you are doing as a short (if possible!) photo-story. Write down the story in bullet points and next to each point describe a shot that might capture what you are trying to describe. With this sort of guideline, you will collect the type of pictures you would like to present during seminars, academic presentations, etc.
2. Good quality pictures require proper cameras and some knowledge of photography (photography is a proper science!). In my experience, there were at least a couple of persons in the survey firm with a good camera, and with photographic experience (think of RAs, Team Leaders, Enumerators, etc.). If you really want to capture good quality pictures, but you don’t have budget for a professional photographer, try to inquire who within the field team could do that (and of course, cite them whenever you use the picture).
3. Avoid (more) “eye-rolling “ by avoiding stereotypes of developing countries. Stick to your research’s “photo-story”.
4. And even if it was already mentioned, asking for a separate consent to use the picture is important.