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Friday links January 4: testing teachers, HIV testing lotteries, french firms with 49 workers, and more...

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·         Call for Papers – 6th international conference on Migration and Development – to be held in Morocco May 18-19 – papers due end of January.

·         Made any New Year’s resolutions? Ray Fisman at Slate discusses what behavioral economics has to teach us about how to make resolutions and how to keep them.

·         The impact of regulations on French businesses – Casey Mulligan discusses work on why there are so many French businesses with 49 workers.

·         The Nudgy State- Foreign Policy covers how governments are using behavioral economics. Of most interest to our readers may be the last page, discussing efforts in South Africa, and controversy over a “nudge” which puts anyone who gets tested for HIV into a draw for cash prizes.

·         Tim Taylor discusses a new paper in the AER which shows the (positive) impact of classroom evaluation of K-12 teachers on student learning