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Its proven fact that when you live in a trash dump like India with 85% of the population urinating on the road, you will get shorter people, there is a reason why more people from India go to work in Africa instead of the majority of Africa wanting to move to India, they would rather go to Europe instead, the average person in Nigeria is 5 ft 4, majority of Africa is 5 ft 7, trust me, Africa is a lot cleaner than India. As for the Chinese its well documented that northern people in China average at 5 ft 11 while southern people of China average at 5 ft 6 simply because people in northern china at more wheat and less rice, its well know that most East Asian people have staple rice in their diet, this is also the case with people of southern India also, while wheat is mostly consumed in the north near Punjab, the average Jatt and Gujjar people are on average much taller and heavier than the other Indian people because they have been around wheat, dairy, and physical labor also which gives them their tall stature. People in southern China work on farms and they still don't grow simply because of their carbohydrate diet. I believe India's average can be 5 ft 11 if sanitation and wheat consumption is seen. Also the average Pashtun is 5 ft 6 around the cities in Afghanistan while the nomad mountain Pashtuns of Pakistan are 5 ft 7, the Jatts of Pakistan are usually from 5 ft 8 - 7 ft 5, considering most of Pakistan's pehlwan and stonelifters are Jatts and Gujjar people. Also in times of poverty, its the brain that is given the most nutrition which is why some biharis are smart because the few nutrients they get is given to the neurons and none for their bones.