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Submitted by Susan Watkins on
Markus, do you know the fol;lowing papers by Mariano Sana and Alex Weinreb? Sana, Mariano and Alexander A. Weinreb. 2008. Insiders, Outsiders and the Editing of Inconsistent Survey Data. Sociological Methods Research 36:515-341. This was an experiment to determine whether missing data and inconsistent responses were better corrected by (1) interviewers (2) supervisors (3) data managers (4) data analysts. There's also a PAA paper, Sana, Weinreb and Guy Stecklov, 2011, that expands on the 2008 piece. Weinreb, Sana. 2008. The Effects of Questionnaire Translation on Demographic Data Analysis. 2008. Population Research and Policy Research. There's also Miller, K., E. Zulu and S.Watkins, 2001. Husband-Wife Survey Responses in Malawi. Studies in Family Planning 32 (2) 161-174. Shows inconsistent results on topics the spouses should agree on, consistent results for the Penn Malawi data, the MDHS, the KDHS and a Penn Kenya study. The Penn study in Malawi has also used ethnographic data to learn what people say to each other in informal conversations in their social networks. While this obviously doesn't say which specific response is likely to be incorrect, it does provide some information on what sorts of questions are likely to be biased.