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Submitted by Joseph Rubagumya on
Great points Ephrem! I agree, it's critical indeed to put emphasis on both formal and informal sectors and making a link between women farmers-based groups to input dealers, TA service providers to assist with agronomic best practices and research institutions as you mentioned. In African rural settings, most communities make their living by small-scale farming and its generally women who do the labour-intensive, low-paid,low-yields agricultural activities with a constant struggle to feed their families. What Rwanda is currently doing is to provide women-farmers with training, and female farmers-based groups were linked to large markets, financial support through well organized micro-lending and all these helped them establish their nursery businesses. The good news with this approach is, not only increased their household incomes, but also it reduces health challenges like malnutrition--in rural areas where over 45% of children under 5 are chronically malnourished. I can't emphasis enough how important this sector is and glad to see the world bank and other selected partners are supporting hardworking female farmers. Great work! j-