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Dear David, Thank you for an interesting summary of the Heifer’s Give-a-Goat or Give-a-Cow Program study. Regarding your "thoughts on evaluation" above, I wanted to mention that the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program is currently pilot-testing an interdisciplinary approach for the poorest, which includes an asset transfer alongside other interventions such as consumption support, savings and coaching, adapting a methodology developed by BRAC in Bangladesh. We are conducting randomized control trial impact assessments in eight out of ten pilot sites, and qualitative research in nine sites. In Ghana, a study by Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) is designed specifically to “tease out” the relative impact of the asset transfer (and the savings component) versus the wholesale intervention. An overview of the research design in Ghana is available on IPA’s website (, and we will be sharing the results from this work on the Graduation Community of Practice’s Website here: