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Very interesting post. For those exploring these issues you might include in your hypotheses and theory of change the effect of these gifts on social obligations of the recipients to relatives and visitors. For those interested in the topic for gifts of chicks and chicken, I conducted a participatory epidemiological assessment of such transfers to women. The first issue is the potential introduction of disease. My second observation is the hypothesis we had in this project that the eggs would be used to feed children. This seemed particularly silly to women beneficiaries who could not believe anyone would waste an egg that would become a high priced chicken to feed a child when you could buy the egg for little money. Finally, women had a strategy of chicken leading to guinea fowls to goats to cows. So if you are evaluating this type of livestock support you should check the upgrading strategy of beneficiaries. In our project, the beneficiaries had in mind an optimal stock of chicken (also managing disease issues), then above that they would upgrade. Best, Charles Lor Regional Results Measurement Specialist IFC