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Submitted by Grant Cameron on
Markus, Edit & Imputation (E&I) is an integral part of the survey process so it's great to see a blog that highlights these issues. A couple of other points are worth noting. First, the impact of response errors is not absolute. Errors might be influential for some estimates, but have negligible impact on others. This is worth considering when balancing the trade-off between accuracy and the costs of E&I - especially if multiple visits to the same respondent are being contemplated. Second, good E&I is a tool for finding out more about errors and error sources. As such, carefully documenting when and why adjustments to the raw data are made will lead to improvements in the survey process. So no matter who (insiders or outsiders) or what (computer algorithms) is doing the imputations, it is important to store these decisions in indicators and metadata to improve future surveys - and to distribute these experiences to others. I look forward to your next installment.