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    As you seek innovative ideas for research, may I encourage research as well on some "known unknowns"? The 2014 IEG SME Evaluation ("The Big Business of Small Enterprises" has a recommendation about research based on its findings and literature review: "World Bank Group management should institute a tailored research agenda to support and assist ...clarifications and refinements of its SME support approach. Utilizing the best qualified researchers (for example, a great deal of qualified
    expertise focused on this agenda resides in the Development Economics Vice-Presidency), this should produce more policy- and contextually relevant distinctions of the definition of SME; a better understanding of the dynamic contributions of SMEs to economic growth, employment, and poverty alleviation; deeper
    knowledge about how the design of interventions should vary contingent on country conditions; a project-relevant definition of the “frontier”; a clearer view of the correct sequencing and combinations of systemic and targeted; and more
    rigorous analysis of the actual performance and impact of key types, combinations and sequences of World Bank Group and other donor interventions. Enterprise surveys should be refined to better identify market failures and unmet demand for financial and other services; and to generate more panel data that better account for firm dynamics and allows more confident relating of explanatory factors to firm growth and employment."

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    And the CSAE Call for Proposals is also out. At Oxford (as always). Due October 30.
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    One thing to keep in mind with the clustersampsi stata command: it requests the baseline correlation between before and after measurements. Not the R^2...Easy mistake to make since a lot of formulas use the R^2.

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    nice post

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    Great - thanks.