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    India, China, and Mexico also make up more than 22.5 percent of the world's population. You might argue that China is getting below optimal coverage.

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    Thanks Gautam. And here's the link, for interested readers:
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    Life Insurance in India: Anagol, Santosh, Shawn Cole, and Shayak Sarkar. "Understanding the Advice of Commissions-Motivated Agents: Evidence from the Indian Life Insurance Market." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 12-055, January 2012. (Revised March 2013.)

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    Hi Morten, Thanks. Yes, this does come up a lot. The attraction of UCTs is that they're transparent, easy, and cheaper to implement. They are also less meddlesome. On the exporting of ideology, my impression is that the Bank was playing catch-up to countries like Mexico and Brazil in Latin America that introduced these programs themselves. That they spread fast and wide, I think, speaks to their perceived success and also how much people around the world think of them as overly intrusive rather than nudgy. Some countries do prefer UCTs or labeled CTs and that also seems fine. The evaluations are just showing the pros and cos of different approaches so that policymakers can make their minds up with as much information as possible...
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    Hi Berk,

    Have you considered those benefits from UCT's that are intangible - for instance that UCT's minimise the meddling with other people's "sovereignty"? I'm sure you're familiar with the criticism, especially of the World Bank, for being an exporter/imposer of Western ways of thinking, living, organising societies, etc. I won't elaborate on the critique here, as I'm sure you've heard of it. I'd like to hear your thoughts about UCT in this relation?

    Morten Christensen