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Friday links: CCT wrap-up, Halloween experiments, after-school care in DC and more

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·         The recent CCT conference at the World Bank now has a website containing a nice summary of proceedings, the agenda, all the presentations, and more. Also see the related blog post on Let’s Talk Development.

·         Dean Karlan’s legacy of experimenting on kids at Halloween continues even in his absence – Yale Daily News story.

·         The results of an experiment on “Cadillac quality” after-school and summer programs in Washington D.C., courtesy of the J-PAL October eNews.

·         Paolo Manasse summarizes our impact of blogging paper at VoxEU and asks why there are not more Italian bloggers.

·         PACDEV conference (the NEUDC of the West) call for papers (due Jan 13) – I still preferred the old name (Bay Area Development Association).


Submitted by Viki Betancourt on
I am a mentor with the Higher Acheivement Program here in Washington and which you've highlighted. I think it is an important part of the lives of these children- some of who live in circumstances not suited for academic excellence. HAP is a haven for these young students and allows them to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. We also fund this program through our Community Outreach grants because we have seen the promise of Higher Acheivement for DC students. Thanks for highlighting their impact evaluation results.