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Friday Links: Living in a poor neighborhood can hurt your health; former student writes an open letter to Dr. Sachs, and IE jobs

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  • Washington Post reports (citing a new study in the NEJM) that a program in the 1990s that offered women in public housing a chance to live in better neighborhoods has caused lower rates of diabetes and extreme obesity.
  • A former student of Jeff Sachs writes an open letter to his former professor (you need to be logged in Facebook to read, but who isn't?). In addition, A View from the Cave summarizes the MVP debate.



Submitted by Anonymous on
It seems the open letter link is not working?

Submitted by Berk Ozler on
It was working when I posted, but seems to have gotten disabled since. I fixed it by linking directly to the letter, so it should be fine now. Thanks for letting us know. Berk.