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Friday links: willpower, microfinance, empowerment, education and more...

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Lots of links this week:

·         David Roodman summarizes the new microfinance impact evaluation research at the CGAP blog.

·         Capital ways to survive the worst – Tim Harford covers the impact of our randomized grants on tsunami recovery in Sri Lanka.

·         A very thorough discussion of RCTs in education with examples from Europe by Adrien Bouguen and Marc Gurgand (via the JPAL enewsletter).

·         A View from the Cave summarizes talks on evaluations of programs to economically empower women.

·         Entire issues of the Journal of Economic Perspectives now available for free for your e-readers.

·         Another disturbing account of how many experiments in medical science don’t replicate – this time in Nature on pre-clinical cancer trials.

·         A call to conduct experiments with how NIH and other funders do research funding in Nature. Ungated version here.

·         Child sponsorship works – Bruce Wydick and Paul Glewwe’s paper discussed on the Development Policy blog.

·         Treatment effects with binary outcomes – Cyrus Samii summarizes his lecture on this topic – bottom line, OLS is generally fine.

·         The Atlantic looks back at one of the classic studies which helped establish the idea that willpower can be depleted – something now in vogue in development economics thanks to poverty trap models by Banerjee and Mullainathan which use this idea.