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Submitted by jrc on

Here is a little toy example using "esttab", which I really like for making regression tables. It looks nice, goes straight into LaTeX code (if you so choose), is easily adaptable and there is great documentation online. It makes it really easy to update results in your paper when you change a spec because you just re-run the code and re-compile the LaTeX and voila! (Note: this won't run, its just an example).

estimates clear
eststo: xi: reg Y `X' `X1' cluster(`cluster')
qui sum Y
estadd scalar Mean = r(mean)

eststo: xi: reg Y2 `X' `X2' cluster(`cluster')
qui sum Y2
estadd scalar Mean = r(mean)

esttab using NAME.tex, replace keep(`X') ///
title("Title Here") ///
mtitles("Model 1" "Model2" ... "Model N") ///
cells(b(star fmt(3)) se(par fmt(3))) nonumbers label ///
stats(Mean r2 N, fmt(2 3 0) label("Mean of Y" "R-sqrd" "Obs")) ///
addnote("Standard errors clustered at..." ///
"Regressions also include...." ///
"Tables report marginal effect in (Units or Something Here)" ///
"Symbols for p-values: + 0.10 * 0.05 ** 0.01 *** 0.001") ///
star(+ 0.10 * 0.05 ** .01 *** .001)