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  • Reply to: Six Questions with Mark Rosenzweig   5 days 10 hours ago

    Thank you David! Reading this post was one of those, "hey, I know him!" moments. I was a masters student at U Penn in 1990 - 1991 in the International Development and Appropriate Technology program headed by Howard Pack. Mark Rosenzweig taught a micro-economics course for us focused on development issues. I remember learning to create econometric models of how cows provide insurance in India. We knew he was a pioneer and were all proud and excited to be part of his classroom.

    So CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Rosenzweig!

    I have since gone on, through a non-direct career path, to start my own specialty coffee importing and consulting business, Artisan Coffee Imports. I like to believe I can create positive development impacts via my coffee buying, selling and consulting.
    Click here ( for a blog on coffee farm profitability I just wrote. It draws on the second masters degree I just completed at Michigan State University with Dan Clay as my advisor. I was able to live in Rwanda for 9 months with my family.

    A volunteer post I hold is a board member for the International Womens Coffee Alliance (IWCA). This webpage ( gives an overview of the Research Alliance I've started there.
    Ruth Ann Church

  • Reply to: Statistical Power and the Funnel of Attribution   1 week 1 day ago

    Very interesting and informative, I'll be looking forward to hearing more.

  • Reply to: Power Calculation Software for Randomized Saturation Experiments   3 weeks 9 hours ago

    Tackling this is on our agenda, but we have not dealt with it yet. Variation in cluster size will reduce power, so you may want to be on the conservative side with your sample sizes when you enter the mean or median which will underestimate what is needed. Stata, for example, has a parameter for this in "clustersampsi".
  • Reply to: Did Peru’s CCT program halve its stunting rate?   3 weeks 11 hours ago

    Hi,, Seeking info, if the Peru Stunting prevention initiative entailed any RUSF as part of food based interventions or CCT alone contributed to improving Dietary diversity. Just wondering if the Behaviors relating to Dietary Diversity could change with CCT's and BCC in short of medium term.

  • Reply to: Power Calculation Software for Randomized Saturation Experiments   3 weeks 11 hours ago

    Hi Berk,
    very interesting post! I have used the program and found it very useful, thanks! I have the following question: what happens with unequal sample sizes per cluster? Say we have 10 clusters and their size vary from 50 to 100. Should we use an average cluster size in this case?