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Interesting IE links this week

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  • Miriam Bruhn and Bilal Zia report results from a business training experiment in Bosnia in the latest Finance & PSD impact note.
  • The Guardian calls for more policy trials [HT: IPA]
  • A profile on the Jordan NOW evaluation that I am working on with Bank colleagues from the MENA region.
  • How to publish in Economics journals, and how to revise your papers –advice from editors in the CSWEP Spring newsletter
  • Givewell on how much to take out of an academic study, based on the recent microfinance debate between Pitt and Khandker and Morduch and Roodman.
  • Cyrus Samii on multivariate randomization tests
  • And finally, we’re sad to hear the Aidwatch blog has posted its final post. We get paid the semi-compliment of being called “a smart establishment blog” that their readers may want to turn to. We strive to be the former, but are certainly not the latter!