Weekly links April 28: how many qual interviews are needed, enterprise-academic collaboration, work for me, and more…


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  • From 80,000 hours, an evidence-based guide to being awesome in any career. (h/t Tim Harford).
  • Call for papers: special issue on social protection in contexts of fragility and forced displacement.
  • Work for me this summer: I’m a bit late in organizing this sorry, but I have an opportunity for a summer research assistant to work with me in Washington. Looking for a PhD student from a top school with good Stata skills, and ability to do careful data work. If you have studied machine learning this would be a plus. There are several potential projects to work on: one on using machine learning to help predict which small businesses will grow; a second on understanding how small business owners use mental accounting techniques; as well as work helping clean and prepare public use replication files for several papers. Email me ([email protected]) if interested with your CV and a cover letter explaining your background and experience/suitability. I’m flexible on starting and ending date to fit different university calendars. A TOR is here.
  • Another job opportunity: Busara Center for Behavioral Economics is also hiring


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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April 27, 2017

Namey's advice is useful I guess for survey design. But let's be clear that coming up with a list of topics is not a particularly meaningful objective of qual methods for most of us who toil with these tools, 80,000 hours notwithstanding.