Weekly links July 27: Advances in RD, better measurement, lowering prices for poop removal, and more...


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  • Matias Cattaneo and co-authors have a draft manuscript on “a practical guide to regression discontinuity designs: volume II”. This includes discussion of a lot of practical issues that can arise, such as dealing with discrete values of the running variable, multiple running variables, and geographic RDs. Stata and R code are provided throughout.
  • Great Planet Money podcast on the Poop Cartel – work Molly Lipscomb and co-authors are doing to lower prices for emptying toilets in Senegal.
  • A paper on how to improve reproducible workflow – provides an overview of different tools for different statistical software packages, as well as advice on taskflow management, naming conventions, etc.
  • J-PAL guide on measuring female empowerment
  • Reviewing a paper that you have already reviewed before? This tweet by Tatyana Deryugina offers a good suggestion of using a pdf comparison tool (she suggests draftable) to compare pdfs to see what has changed


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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Ed Bourque
July 30, 2018

I found the Planet Money article on the sanitation cartel to be well done. They not only described the situation very well, but also documented a solution.
There's no shortage of low level corruption in the water and sanitation sector. Drinking water markets in developing countries are hardly perfect, and it sometimes affects the success of water projects. I've written about such situations on my blog