Weekly links March 8: Crime, working in development and celebrating international women's day


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  • IPA Summary of Chris Blattman and co-authors’ recent work on policing crime in Bogota

  • On Twitter this week, Chris Blattman pointed out an interesting essay on the reductive seduction of other people's problems -- from 2016 but really still relevant.

 And on to International Women's Day....

  • Over on the IFPRI blog, Katrina Kosec gives us a roundup on aspirations and why they might matter for gender equality, as well as other evidence.    

In case you haven't been paying attention, a shocking amount of the data out there isn't even sex disaggregated.  

  • On the CGD blog, Sylvia Gabriela Andrade and Mayra Buvinic talk about gender data and what it tells us in Mexico. 
  • Today Data2x and Open Data Watch released a new report on sex disaggregated data in sub-Saharan Africa.    It turns out the glass is either half empty or half full:   48% of gender-relevant indicators are missing or lack sex-disaggregated data.   

And, if you want to celebrate International Women's Day (that's tomorrow folks) in London -- the Evening Standard has a guide for you.   

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