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A (work-in-progress) comment guideline.

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If you've tried to leave a comment on this site or any World Bank blog, you may have noticed that we moderate comments here. We've decided to take that decision in order to help manage spam and other offending (slander, hate speech, etc.) comments, and not to stifle discussion.

As the main comment moderator for Inside the Web, I wanted to take a stab at a drafting a comment guideline that will help guide the comment approval process. (I'm borrowing heavily from the comment policy here.)

All comments submitted to Inside the Web will be approved as long as they:

  • Stay focused. If you're looking to voice an opinion on an issue not related to a blog post, check out the other World Bank blogs or the World Bank homepage.
  • Are respectful. Personal attacks, slander, profanity, hate speech, and trolling comments will not be published.
  • Are not spam. This is a place for conversation, not for selling your unrelated product.

This comment guideline is a work in progress. If you have any recommendations as to how we can make it better, let me know. I'll share future iterations of the guideline on this site as it evolves.