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The Reading List: May 15

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Every Friday, I'm going to try and post a selection of the links from our account so you can get a quick snapshot of what we're reading this week. Here goes:

  • A development 2.0 manifesto
    Giulio Quaggiotto takes a stab at creating a set of principles for the application of web 2.0 principles to the development sector. An excellent first attempt.
  • People don't trust company blogs. What you should do about it.
    Josh Bernoff talks about corporate blogs and how the public doesn't trust them. While I think his analysis is over simplistic and lacks nuance, it's a good message to remember before thinking that a blog will solve all your communications problems.
  • Times Wire - The New York Times
    The New York Times is experimenting with Times Wire, a constantly updating stream of news in a similar vein to Friendfeed or Twitter.
  • How-To: Search the Social Web - Ultimate Toolkit
    The social web is growing rapidly, and we all need links to help navigate the information overload. (via)
  • Just Landed - 36 Hours
    A remarkable visualization of the travel patterns of Twitter users based on the search query "just landed" on Twitter. Interesting stuff as we explore new kinds of data (and implicit data) visualization.
  • Fortune 500 blogging study
    A recent study found that eighty-one (16%) of the 2008 Fortune 500 have a public-facing corporate blog -- and the numbers get bigger as you dig deeper. (via)
  • 12 Rules For Bringing 'Social' To Your Business
    Incorporating social aspects to an organization doesn't simply involve starting a Twitter account. Here's a good look at some of the steps to be taken to engage in the social space. (via)
  • Official Google Blog: More Search Options
    Google just released more search options including time-based search results and search results by multimedia type. Can Google harness real time search next?
  • Twitter Culture Wars at 'The Times'
    Reporters from the New York Times are tweeting about private internal meetings. What does this mean for the culture of communications in the organization?


Have any links you want to share with us? Add them to your account and tag them for:extweb.