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Hi all, Congratulations to everyone involved. I could empathise how much blood, sweat and tears went into launching a new design. The new look and feel is more user-friendly than the previous design. But I guess you tried too hard to cram everything on the frontpage: looks like the whole of World Bank once a piece of this precious space. So to please everyone, I assumed that each 'important' section either got a link, a navigation title, a box, etc. I was a bit confused by the two-navigation approach, the breadcrumbs at the bottom screaming for attention with a deep red background and (maybe) 12-size font. In my opinion, the 'Resources' bit should not be too prominent since we're quite adamant to find what we want from the site: if we want it, we'll find it. The old side has this relatively muted links on the left-hand, something similar would have been enough. I think the 'In-depth' should have a more prominent place. I honestly don't get the difference why are those topics on the first-half when it only lead to articles in contrast to In-depth, which is more comprehensive and look like subsites. Good initiative of asking for feedback from users, I guess this would be a good addition to your usability study. Congrats again everyone, including the IT people. :-) M. Stryk