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Submitted by Raunaq SJB Rana on
Greetings, The issue of putting supplying food to every individual on this planet has always been a challenging task. The effects of globalization has to a very large extent, improved logistics and communications but has failed in some areas. "The European Union continues to promote agrofuels crops which require land in Africa. Experts have just published a report where they explain that 'biofuels' will be the main solution "to gradually replace fossil energy sources and make transport sustainable by 2050". Biofuels will be combined with electricity (batteries and hydrogen / fuel cells) and completed with other alternative fuels. " - Source: - It is inevitable that resource-hungry companies would exploit lands in Africa because they can obtain vast amount of land at highly negotiable rates. Question 1) Should production of bio-fuel replace the need to extend crop production when we are undergoing a food crisis in many parts of the world? - 'Jatropha' is being pushed as one of the new miracle crops for African small farmers to produce fuel and rescue themselves out of poverty. But this plant requires a lot of water to sustain itself. Question 2) With the decreasing fresh-water levels and non-replinshing underground water table, would it be an ethical choice to prefer bio-fuels over food?"