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In Search of Feedback: usability test participants needed to improve World Bank search and project information

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Does the World Bank search engine frustrate or amaze you? Have you spent hours searching our website for research, reports, or project information only to feel like you're going in circles? Wish you could share your great idea about improving the search engine or project information with the World Bank web team?

Although we overhauled the World Bank search engine more than a year ago, we plan to make additional improvements to the user interface and filtering options soon. We need your help!

Old and new search interfaces

The week of June 20, 2011, the World Bank Web Program Office will conduct usability testing on new search interface options. As a member of the World Bank audience, your feedback is important to us. We want to ensure our interface is designed for you and the important work you do.  We need you, our World Bank website visitor, to test a new search interface and a new project information interface and provide feedback.

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  • Be located in Washington, DC and willing to provide your own transportation to World Bank headquarters. (Participating remotely via a stable fast Internet connection and phone line is also an option)
  • Use the World Bank website frequently for research or to look for World Bank projects and operations information
  • NOT work in web development or public relations. We're primarily looking for researchers, development practitioners, policy-makers, government/embassy employees, or journalists -- particularly those who use World Bank project-related information on a regular basis! 

What you should know:

  • This usability test is fun and easy and will allow you to preview new World Bank website designs ahead of the general public. You'll be asked to perform simple tasks on a web prototype and provide your feedback/opinion.
  • The exercise will take approximately 45 minutes, scheduled at your convenience (lunch or early evening timeslots are available).
  • Participants will receive a small stipend for their time and travel.  
  • World Bank employees are eligible to participate, but will not receive the stipend.

Interested? Please:

  • Send an email to webusability [at] with your name, email address, phone number, location, organization/company name, job title, brief description of your job duties and how you use the World Bank website.

If your profile matches our eligibility requirements, a member of the World Bank web team will contact you with further details. Your participation will help improve the website for everyone! We regret we are unable to respond to every email, so if you have feedback on our search interface or presentation of project information, you may also leave a comment below with your thoughts or suggestions.