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One Day on Earth: A small business means more security for a woman in Laos

Mehreen Arshad Sheikh's picture

A small business not only provides income, but it provides security and a better life for Khampane Kousonsavath’s family.  In Laos, Khampane’s life is better when she is selling processed food. Owning her own business has been rewarding for her; she is now able to go to school and generate income for her and her family.

As we approach International Women’s Day (March 8), we are highlighting our One Day on Earth participants ranging from women business owners to construction workers who explain to us why their work matters – to them, their families, and their communities.

Watch Khampane Kousonsavath of Laos talk about how her business provides income for her family and allows her to get an education. Stay tuned to hear from a woman who works in an Iraqi hospital, talking  about how saving a life every single day is the most rewarding job. It’s time to #thinkEQUAL.