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Development Squared and the Web 2.0 Summit

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Web 2.0 SummitI'm off to the Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow and will be regularly blogging about some of the presentations, workshops, and discussions I'll have there as the week rolls on.

Before I go, I wanted to highlight a fantastic blog post by Giulio Quaggiotto over on the Private Sector Development Blog where he takes a look at the Web Squared whitepaper for the Summit and applies some of the concepts to international development — a sort of "Development Squared."

Of particular note from his post:

The ability to process high quantities of data and identify and visualize patterns in unstructured data is going to be a key skill of the Development Squared sector. Just like university students, specialized workers in development agencies will need to learn how to “climb an Everest of digital data” (as the NYT recently put it). Development agencies will increasingly differentiate themselves by their ability to make sense of large datasets for field work, advocacy and policy making. In case they don’t have the resources to do this in house, crowdsourcing will be the answer if they are to remain relevant, further straining the “ivory tower” legacy of the Development 1.0 world. Maps and other visualization tools will become part of the standard toolkit for advocacy and policy making, but they will need to go a step further.

There are some more great thoughts on the post, so I highly encourage you to head on over and share your thoughts and comments as well.

In the meantime, I'll be sharing some of the big messages and ideas coming out of the Summit, and seeing how they fit into Giulio's ideas, and the general discourse on international development. (Here's a quick look at my tentative Summit schedule.)

See you on the west coast!


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