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Google, meet the World Bank. World Bank data, meet Google search results

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Today, we’re excited to announce a new initiative with Google that brings 17 of the World Development Indicators to a special public data feature in Google search results.  One year ago, we launched the World Bank API which allows developers to build applications using an assortment of World Bank data, and we couldn’t help but dream of an opportunity like this with Google.

Thousands rely on search engines to find accurate statistical data including students, researchers, and government workers throughout the world.  Now, we’re able to make this data more widely accessible by enabling Google to display it more prominently in search results with a link to an interactive tool allowing users to intuitively visualize, analyze, and compare the data across countries.


The public data tool allows users to customize and share the graphs with a URL or embedded HTML.

In addition to the public data tool available on Google (pictured above) we simultaneously launched DataFinder which can be accessed from the “More Info” and “Source” links on public data pages.  DataFinder allows users to explore more about the data indicators including definitions, quick facts, interactive and embed-enabled maps, and additional World Bank related resources. 

Check the post on the Google Search Blog for more details and screenshots, or just try a search on Google yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.


Submitted by Aleem Walji on
So glad to see this happening between the Bank and Google. There is so much more we can do together. Hope this is a launching pad to liberate all kinds of data together. Aleem

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