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Key takeaways from the Aid Info Challenge

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We recently hosted the Aid Information Challenge in cooperation with Development Gateway. This event brought together over 100 participants to work on visualizing aid information and data. The morning started with inspiring talks by Aleem Walji of the World Bank’s Innovation department and our keynote speaker, Clay Johnson, Director of Sunlight Labs.

Below is a clip from Clay's keynote where he explains that "the next step for this field is not just to open the data, but to put it into context for people...not just so that the World Bank can make better decisions in Uganda and we can save some children, but also so that we can get people in the long run to make better decisions, personal decisions."

The event wrapped up by compiling a list of the best ideas of the day.  Chung Wu, an engineer with Google, presented the new Google Public Data Explorer.  He explained, "Google is kind of on the consumer side of public data; we're trying to consume the public data that you guys are producing and make it accessible to normal people, like myself."

*We apologize for the poor sound quality of these videos.

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