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The Huffington Post talks about EVOKE

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Two weeks ago, Dev Aujla wrote a piece in the Huffington Post that took a look at EVOKE (which we wrote about a little over a month ago) and gaming in international development. From the piece:

The premise of the game relies on individuals being part of a covert network of people around the world that band together and collaborate in order to solve world problems presented through a series of videos, comic strip narratives, and quests that require action in the real world.

It's this online to offline transition that really makes the Evoke game worth looking out for. As the number of people on social networks reaches over half a billion people, one of the interesting challenges of our time will be figuring out how to harness this online force to solve offline problems.

Have you been playing EVOKE? What do you think of it so far?

For those of you that haven't seen Jane McGonigal's TED Talk, Gaming Can Make A Better World, the video is embedded below. Take a few minutes and watch it, it's a great look at the power of gaming for social change.


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