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The Reading List: May 29

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Every Friday, I'm going to try and post a selection of the links from our account so you can get a quick snapshot of what we're reading this week. Here goes:

  • New Media Across Government
    Macon Phillips, New Media Director at The White House, showcases new media efforts at The White House and across the federal government in a Youtube video.
  • Online magazine tries to be a lab for media future
    A quick look at a company that is looking at storytelling from the web perspective first, instead of thinking of print and textual representations and then adapting them for the web.
  • Google Bets Big on HTML 5: News from Google I/O
    Full adoption of HTML 5 may still be a few years away, but Google is already taking advantage of the elements that are already in practice and betting on the future of HTML 5 as it builds its next generation of products.
  • The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online
    The increasingly common habit of sharing what you're thinking (Twitter), what you're reading (StumbleUpon), your finances (Wesabe), your everything (the Web) is becoming a foundation of our culture. Doing it while collaboratively building encyclopedias, news agencies, video archives, and software in groups that span continents, with people you don't know and whose class is irrelevant—that makes political socialism seem like the logical next step. (via)
  • The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business
    Douglas A. McIntyre argues that the opt-in nature of Twitter messaging will help shape the relationship between business and customer in the years to come.
  • Why 60 Percent of Twitterers Quit
    Adam Sternbergh is convinced that Twitter is nothing but a spam tool. I think Adam's missing the point: if you're getting spammed, you're ,em>choosing to follow the wrong people.
  • The A to Z of New Media
    Mark Drapeau adapts his handout from a Washington, D.C. event called “New & Social Media: Leading the Way.”
  • Google Wave Drips with Ambition
    Google just unveiled Wave, which has the possibility to completely change how we communicate on the web from this day forward.
  • WFP Deliver blog- Twitter and other social media pilots
    The World Food Program Deliver project talks about their new internal twitter-like tool. (via)


Have any links you want to share with us? Add them to your account and tag them for:extweb.

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