Closing gaps and financing taps: The next step for rural water supply

Kristoffer Welsien, Gabriel Lwakabare |

We recently published a paper, Intergenerational Impact of Population Shocks on Children’s Health: Evidence from the 1993-2001 Refugee Crisis in Tanzania, that looks at the long-term impacts of…

Soazic Elise Wang Sonne, Paolo Verme |

أصبحت تنزانيا موطنًا لآلاف اللاجئين الباحثين عن مأوى. وبنهاية عام 1994، كانت تنزانيا - المعروفة باستضافتها للزائرين وسياستها الانفتاحية - تستضيف ما يقرب من 1.3 مليون لاجئ في مناطقها الشمال غرب…

سوازيك إليز وانج سون, باولو فيرمي |

Earthquakes, landslides and heavy rainfall often cause long-term disruption of transport systems in South Asia, resulting in economic setbacks affecting internal trade and regional integration.…

Masatsugu Takamatsu, Julian Palma |

We are entering the final phase of the race and our collective actions will determine if we can take the checkered flag or not by 2030.

Carolina Sánchez-Páramo |

Estamos entrando en la fase final de la carrera para poner fin pobreza extrema en el mundo y nuestras acciones conjuntas determinarán si para 2030 podremos tomar la bandera a cuadros o no.

Carolina Sánchez-Páramo |

How can we ensure that these GVCs, which deliver massive benefits to consumers in the West, also improve the livelihoods of that Bangladeshi garment worker and the millions of others employed in…

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