As heatwaves intensify, life for many South Asians will change. While this change may not be fully reversible, with appropriate policy and action, it can be managed to ease its impact.

Muthukumara Mani, Gulrez Shah Azar |

Digitizing phytosanitary certificates can help prevent the spread of pests through trade in agricultural products.

Bill Gain, Shane Sela |

Les programmes d'alimentation scolaire dans les pays à revenu faible et intermédiaire se sont révélés efficaces pour améliorer la nutrition des bénéficiaires, ainsi que pour augmenter les…

Divyanshi Wadhwa |

برامج التغذية المدرسية في البلدان منخفضة ومتوسطة الدخل كانت فعالة في تحسين التغذية لدى المستفيدين، وكذلك في زيادة الانتظام بالدراسة ومعدلات الحضور.

ديفيانشي وادوا |

Less than half of 3- to 5-year-old children in developing countries participate in some form of early childhood care and education.

Rudaba Zehra Nasir |

In Nepal, women make up over 90 percent of the agricultural force. Large cardamom is no exception and gives women the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Navya D’Souza |