Looking at the impact of changes to Chinese labor laws


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There have been many concerns about recent changes to Chinese labor laws, aimed at increasing the formality of employment and improving the funding of social insurance programs. A recent set of studies by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has looked at the impacts of those changes. Both employers and employees report that the new rules are being enforced and that the cost of employment has gone up. But this has not added to the overall level of unemployment, due to the strong growth rate in the economy generally. 


This video interview was conducted during the the 8th Asian Conference on Applied Micro-Economcs and Econometrics on November 28-29, 2014. The conference was co-organized by the HKUST Institute of Emerging Market Studies (http://iems.ust.hk) and the Department of Economics, and focused heavily on the themes of labor economics and policy.


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