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Submitted by Ignacio Lacasta on
Dear Mr. Schwarz, I’ve read with interest your post about investment in infrastructure and growth. But you have surprised me a lot with one comment: “… the application of Economic Impact Evaluation to the infrastructure sectors is in its infancy…”. Do you really think that investments are not evaluated to aim the objective of promoting economic growth? Lately I have been involved in some studies of roads in Latin America, and in all the cases we have carried out a complete Environmental Impact Assessment that included the consequences in economic and social fields… event they are focused in environment… After reading your post, I have done some research and I have found some tools that I think are interesting. For example, the IDB published a handbook concerning economic assessment of transportation projects (Manual de evaluación económica de proyectos de transporte. 2006). I suppose you have heard of it… I also suppose the World Bank is working on this issue: Can you recommend some other guides/handbooks or places where I can find some more information? Thanks in advance. Ignacio Lacasta Barcelona, Spain