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Submitted by Blanca Moreno-Dodson on
I guess this may be one of many "second" opinions you will get from us economists. While I am not disagreeing with you, I think that promoting sustained high growth gains over time is necessary but not suficient in many of the developing countries where we work. Growth must not only be sustained over time but also be inclusive. Economic sectors or/and society segments should not be left out of the growth process. Otherwise,societies would grow more and more unequal, creating disparities which in the long run will undermine growth. In order to promote inclusive growth, some specific measures to protect the poor and help them be part of the productive labor force and social system need to be taken. Those can take many different forms and do not necessarily mean more taxes, public spending, or regulations. Such measures should not jeopardize the role of the private sector as growth engine in any way. On the contrary, it would be a win-win for everyone.