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Submitted by Alex Lara on
Hasan, you mentioned that, "The problem is a difficult one because its roots are complex and multifaceted. Drug trafficking, youth and gang violence, the lack of educational opportunities, the profusion of firearms and weak justice and law enforcement systems are only some of the causes of crime and violence, particularly in Central America". My two cents, that I am sure most know, but perhaps have not, or do not want to accounted for: (1st cent) the huge gaps between rich and poor throughout Latin America-- ; (2nd cent) the lack of efficient and proactive HR policies that prevent, and/or enforce laws against discrimination, specially of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race. Governments are the first ones to discriminate against its citizens on all of the above. The World Bank as an institution is in the position to push governments for better HR policies by making them a requirement/compliance through its projects. In other words, having a sort of "social" and protecting safeguard. HR policies as described above, should be implemented as a whole, and not just addressing the gender and the disability (coming up) issue, as it is now.