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  • Reply to: Building the Caribbean digital economy bit by bit   2 months 2 days ago

    WBG assumes crucial responsibility and assistive leadership with helping many countries in their transformation. Digital divide is often so deep that makes dramatically difficult for those countries to catch up the race. To achieve a better and more sustainable world we all should support such efforts. Congratulations to all team members and hope to hear more on implementation stories.

  • Reply to: What does urban resilience mean in the Eastern Caribbean context?   4 months 1 day ago

    I’m grateful for current data on the Eastern Caribbean noted in the article; and for its early mention that inadequate waste management is problematic to building resilience. Our work ( is a direct operational response to the waste disposal “crisis” specifically in this region. It’s visual impact observed through litter, and it’s not so visible pollution. By securing waste management contracts with businesses and setting up a system for each we enable the diversion - for recycling - of ewaste, cardboard, metals, plastic bottles. Our services to the private sector 1. reduce the amount of waste dumped in St. Lucia’s landfill 2. Contributes to SDG Goal 7/Climate Action and Goal 11/sustainable communities; 3. Eliminate the risk of improper handling/disposal of waste and environmental risks. Our business model includes gaining greater market share in the Slu’s Urban capital and scaling it across to other Eastern Caribbean countries and city centers mentioned in the article. In fact, thanks to the WBG thru CCIC we refined some of our practices.

  • Reply to: Public policy with a true human face   4 months 1 day ago

    I find this blog to be particularly interesting and began thinking of ways this could be applied to crime reduction policies and programmes. I am aware that Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles are based on this concept as the Environment becomes built and designed to influence pro-social behaviors and practices. However, I would be happy to get some ideas to connect these behavioral insights into matters such as domestic violence and abuse as well as other violent crimes and crimes against the person. This could help in breakthrough interventions that could support crime reduction across the region.

  • Reply to: What is the first step for organizing Peru’s cities?   4 months 1 day ago

    I really liked your post, I will try to visit you and eat a ceviche, I am from Peru actually. well done!!!

  • Reply to: One year after the storms: Five ideas for building back stronger in the Caribbean   6 months 1 week ago

    Hello. Excellent article and ideas for re-build the islands. I work for the company m2 Baltra Dominicana and we build house and building wich are earthquakeresistant, wind resistant and insulating. We have send our material ti st marteen and this kinds of house survives the hurricane. If you want to know about it and we can help write us. Best regards. Ing. Ivan Reyes