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Ana Gerschenson es periodista, escribe sobre política para El Cronista y es columnista política del programa "No somos nadie" en Radio La Metro. Estudió... Lire la suite » »
Ana María Oviedo's picture
Economista en la Unidad de Protección Social del Departamento de Desarrollo Humano de la región de América Latina y el Caribe del Banco Mundial. Apoya a... Lire la suite » »
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Ana Revenga is the Senior Director of the Poverty Global Practice at the World Bank Group. 
... Lire la suite » »
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Andrea Gallina is a World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist in Latin America and the Caribbean Region and Coordinator of the "Caribbean Growth... Lire la suite » »
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Andrés works as a junior professional in the World Bank's Latin America and the Caribbean Transport Unit since 2012. He is an economist, specialized in... Lire la suite » »
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Anna Okola is a Transport Engineer for the Latin America & Caribbean Region at the World Bank and has worked on rural, inter-urban and urban tr... Lire la suite » »

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Ariel Yepez joined the Bank in 2008. As a senior energy specialist he is responsible for identifying, proposing and implementing energy projects... Lire la suite » »
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Arturo Ardila has been team leader for an extensive array of projects most notably the Quito Metro Line One Project, the Mexico Urban Transport... Lire la suite » »
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Before his appointment as the region’s chief economist, Augusto de la Torre was a senior advisor responsible for financial matters in Latin America and... Lire la suite » »
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Aurelio Menéndez is the World Bank's manager for the Latin American and Caribbean transport sector. As part of his duties he supervises key regional... Lire la suite » »
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Barbara Coello is a rural economist specialized in gender and nutrition. She has been working extensively in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010, when... Lire la suite » »
Carlos Alberto Molina Prieto's picture
Carlos Alberto Molina Prieto is an international adviser on population resettlement in World Bank Projects, IFC, IDB, JBIC and CAF. Holds a master... Lire la suite » »
Carlos Molina's picture
In his role as Regional Web Editor for the Latin America and Caribbean Region Carlos oversees several regional sites and writes web features. Prior to... Lire la suite » »
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Carmen Carpio is the Public Health Specialist for Latin America and Caribbean at the World Bank. She is a core member of the Caribbean Health Team... Lire la suite » »
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Cristina Medina is Communications Associate of the World Bank in Ecuador. She holds a M.A. Public Policy and a B.A in Communications. She began working... Lire la suite » »
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Co- task team leader (co-TTL) of ‘Improving Youth Employability in Cusco’s Jail’, the first project of its kind within Latin America and the Caribbean... Lire la suite » »
David Francis has been a member of the World Bank Enterprise Analysis Unit since 2010, working on the unit’s data collection projects and analytical... Lire la suite » »
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Senior Agriculture Economist, World Bank Lire la suite » »
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Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez's picture
Ijjász Vásquez tiene la misión de impulsar la agenda de desarrollo sostenible en la región, guiando las actividades de más de 200 funcionarios, y... Lire la suite » »
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Eduardo Lora is a Colombian economist, currently affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is Vice-President elect of the Latin... Lire la suite » »
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Eric is an experienced transport engineer with a degree on Transport Economy from École Nationale des Travaux Publics de L’État (France) and... Lire la suite » »
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Erick Fernandes holds a BS in Forestry from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD in Soil Science from North Carolina State University. He was appointed... Lire la suite » »
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Fabio Pittaluga is a Senior Social Development Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region. At the IFC, he was part of the team that drafted... Lire la suite » »
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Felipe Jaramillo, colombiano de origen, se unió al Banco Mundial en 1989 por medio del programa para Jóvenes Profesionales, y ha desempeñado diversos... Lire la suite » »
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Franka Braun, a German national,  is a Carbon Finance Specialist who is working on land-use and forestry projects in Latin America (LCR) and... Lire la suite » »
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Disaster Risk Management Specialist, 
... Lire la suite » »
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Giorgio Valentini is World Bank Representative in Honduras. An italian national, he joined the Bank in 2004 in the Information Solutions Group. Since... Lire la suite » »
Giuseppe Zampaglione's picture
Giuseppe Zampaglione, an italian national, is WB representative for Honduras. Lire la suite » »
Gloria M. Grandolini's picture
Gloria M. Grandolini is Country Director of the World Bank for Colombia and Mexico. Since joining the World Bank in 1990 as a Young Professional she has... Lire la suite » »
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Guillermo Perry is a professor at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, a Non Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development, Washington D.C, an... Lire la suite » »
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Ignacio Apella es Licenciado en Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y Magister en Economía de la misma casa de estudio.
... Lire la suite » »
Consultant, World Bank Global Practice for Transportation and ICT. Lire la suite » »
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Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist Lire la suite » »
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Jesko Hentschel is the World Bank Director for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, based in Buenos Aires. Hentschel is works for the World Bank since 1992.... Lire la suite » »
Jessica Gallegos's picture
Jessica Gallegos is a Junior Professional Associate at the Social Development Unit Latin America and the Caribbean. In this capacity she has been... Lire la suite » »
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Jiro Tominaga is a Senior Evaluation Officer in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). He has led several evaluations assessing the development results... Lire la suite » »
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Joana Godinho is the Health Sector Manager for the Latin America and Caribbean region of the World Bank. She coordinates the knowledge, convening a... Lire la suite » »

Joao Pedro Azevedo's picture
Joao Pedro Azevedo is a senior economist at the World Bank in Washington. He currently works for the European and Central Asia region, focusing on... Lire la suite » »
Joaquin Toro's picture
Joaquín Toro is a senior disaster risk management specialist at the World Bank, responsible for the portfolio of disaster risk projects in South America... Lire la suite » »
John Nash's picture
John Nash is a lead economist in the Sustainable Development Department of the World Bank's Latin America and the Caribbean region, dealing with issues... Lire la suite » »
Jorge Familiar's picture
Jorge Familiar, a Mexican national, is the Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean since May 1, 2014. He is the first Latin... Lire la suite » »
José Antonio Ocampo's picture
José Antonio Ocampo  is Professor in the School of International and Public Affairs and Member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia... Lire la suite » »
Karin Erika Kemper's picture
Sector Manager, Environment Lire la suite » »
Keith Hansen's picture
Keith Hansen is one of two Global Practices Vice Presidents at the World Bank Group. Keith's key responsibilities include the set-up and oversight of... Lire la suite » »
Kerry Natelege Crawford's picture
Kerry, a Jamaican national, is currently a Financial Management Analyst at the World Bank. She is a professional accountant (ACCA, UK), and also holds a... Lire la suite » »
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Member of the Global Practice, Transportation and ICT, World Bank. Lire la suite » »
Livia M. Benavides's picture
As Country Operations Adviser is responsible for strategic development planning and monitoring the quality of the portfolio. She also is the Andean... Lire la suite » »
Luis Arroyo's picture
Luis Arroyo ha trabajado en el Palacio de la Moncloa y en otros altos puestos del Gobierno español. Asesora a gobiernos, primeros ministros, y a líderes... Lire la suite » »
Maninder Gill's picture
Maninder Gill is Sector Manager, Social Development in the Sustainable Development Department of the Latin America and Caribbean Region, a position he... Lire la suite » »
Margaret Grosh's picture

Margaret Grosh is the Lead Economist for Human Development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region and co- leader for the Safety Nets Global Exp... Lire la suite » »

María Catalina Ochoa's picture
Maria Catalina Ochoa is an Urban Transport Specialist at the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean region. A Colombian national, Catalina joined the... Lire la suite » »
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín's picture
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín is a Senior Economist working on the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice at the World... Lire la suite » »
Maria Madrid's picture
Maria L. Madrid is the Knowledge Management and Operations Officer for the Latin America Water Supply and Sanitation unit (LCSWS) at the World Bank.... Lire la suite » »
Maria Margarita Nunez's picture
Maria Margarita is a Senior Highways Engineer who joined the World Bank in the East Asia and Pacific Region in 2002; she has led transport sector... Lire la suite » »
Maria Victoria Ojea's picture
Victoria Ojea, Online Communications Producer for Southern Cone (Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay) and Central America, joined the World Bank in July 2012.... Lire la suite » »
Marialisa Motta's picture
Director, Finance and Private Sector Development, World Bank Lire la suite » »
Marie Chantal Messier's picture
Marie Chantal Messier is a Senior Nutrition Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was Senior... Lire la suite » »
Mary L. González's picture
Mary Lisbeth González, World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist, has been working in social development and inclusion applied to the agricultural... Lire la suite » »
Michele Gragnolati's picture

Michele Gragnolati joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 1998 and since 2000, he served first as an economist with the Health sector in ... Lire la suite » »

Miguel Eduardo Sanchez is a Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Economist at the World Bank. His CV spans several Latin American countries, including... Lire la suite » »
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Niels Holm-Nielsen's picture
Niels Holm-Nielsen is Regional Coordinatorfor Disaster Risk Management in Latin America and the Caribbean for theWorld Bank. Niels joined the Latin... Lire la suite » »
Olivier Puech's picture
Olivier Puech is the French Web & Social Networks Editor at the World Bank. He previously worked in Paris at the OECD Development Centre as the... Lire la suite » »
Omar Arias's picture
Omar Arias is acting sector manager and lead economist in the Human Development Economics Unit for the World Bank Europe and Central Asia region.... Lire la suite » »
Oscar Calvo's picture
De origen español, Calvo-González tiene un doctorado y una maestría en economía por la London School of Economics. Con el Banco Mundial desde 2006,... Lire la suite » »
Peter Holland's picture
Peter Holland is a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank, and the Task Team Leader in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay. Peter has been working... Lire la suite » »
Peter Siegenthaler's picture
Peter Siegenthaler es representante del Banco Mundial en Uruguay desde 2010. Economista especializado en finanzas y gestión del gasto público, posee 12... Lire la suite » »
Qahir Dhanani's picture
Qahir Dhanani is a Private Sector Development Specialist for the World Bank Group. Lire la suite » »
Rafael Barroso's picture
Rafael Barroso é economista do Banco Mundial. Formou-se em economia pela Universidade de São Paulo e tem mestrado na área pela Universidade Federal do... Lire la suite » »
Rafael Rofman's picture
Rafael Rofman es Licenciado en Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, magister en Demografía Social de la Universidad Nacional de Luján y Ph.D. en... Lire la suite » »
Rodrigo Serrano-Berthet's picture
Senior Social Development Specialist Lire la suite » »
Santiago Pombo's picture
Santiago Pombo has been an International Publishing consultant with the World Bank, IDB, LACEA, Fedesarollo (Colombia) among other institutions. He was... Lire la suite » »
Sergi Perez's picture
Specialist in Governance. In 2013 he won the prize "Commitment and Innovation for International Development - JPA". Lire la suite » »
Sergio Jellinek's picture
Sergio Jellinek oversees the Bank's communications for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a founder of the COM+ Alliance, a partnership of... Lire la suite » »
Stephen Muzira's picture

Stephen Muzira s a Transport Engineer with more than twelve years of experience in the transport sector in different regions of the world. He joine... Lire la suite » »

Tatiana Didier's picture

Tatiana Didier is a Research Economist in the World Bank’s Office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean. She obtained a Ph.D. in... Lire la suite » »

Verónica Raffo's picture

Veronica Raffo is Senior Infrastructure Specialist in the Latin America and Caribbean Region at The World Bank. Veronica joined the Bank in 2006, a... Lire la suite » »

Victoria Flamant's picture
Victoria Flamant is a water specialist working as a consultant on water and sanitation projects in Haiti.
... Lire la suite » »
Willem Janssen's picture
Willem Janssen is an Agricultural Specialist in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region of the World Bank. He led the region’s work on responses to... Lire la suite » »