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Announcing the World Bank #EndPovertyinKenya blog contest winners!

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Congratulations to Martha Wakoli and Collin Namayuba, the winners of the 2015 #EndPovertyinKenya blog contest! They will both be joining me at the Spring Meetings on April 17-19, 2015 in Washington, D.C. and will be blogging and tweeting about their journey.

We had a terrific field of contestants, with over 800 blog submissions in a one-month period. More than a dozen of our Nairobi-based staff narrowed them down to a handful of finalists whom we interviewed last month.

In the end, we went with both Martha and Collin, in part because we admired their writing, but also because we thought they would both bring an unusual perspective and passion to the trip.

Martha is a 25-year old electrical engineer from Nairobi who is passionate about harnessing renewable energy to improve people’s lives. Collin is a 28-year old financial blogger for the Motley Fool, a small multimedia financial services company. He also lives in Nairobi.

Their winning submissions will be shared on this blog, so be sure to check back in a few weeks!

Congratulations also to finalists Alice Mwihaki, King’ori Muito, and Maqulate Atieno. They will join Martha and Collin at a meeting with Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich in May to discuss Kenya’s key development opportunities and challenges.


Submitted by Winnie Wakoli on

Congratulations!Rural electrification is key to eradicating poverty. This can only happen with your idea being practiced and availed to the majority of Kenyans since the present cost of power is prohibitive to many house holds.

Submitted by PROTUS KATIMI on

Kudos to such brilliant minds.It an awesome idea to meet and share your thoughts on how to improve the economy of our country with the cabinet secretary. I hope it will be put into practice.

Submitted by Lucas Alube on

Great work for the dear ones that needs great innovation to solve the poverty line

Submitted by Winnie Wakoli on

As Collin and Martha go to Washington DC hope they Will get sponsors to support their ideas. Similarly represent your Country with pride and humility.

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