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Submitted by Nentawe Gomiyar on
Interesting that the World Bank is interested to finance film projects in Nigeria, most especially creating job opportunities for young people., I must commend the World Bank for taking such initiative, the movie industry in Nigeria needs to move past beyond the level that it is now, Nollywood having talent is not enough, there is a need to transform the industry from its present state to a level that it can compete at the global level with films from Hollywood and Bollywood. It will be good for the World Bank to work with the National Film Institute and also the National Copyright Commission and other film practitioners to fashion out a workable and realistic Nollywood Transformation/development strategic framework. That will focus on capacity building for practitioners, access to funding for productions, film production exchange programmes, Film festivals development/expansion and also access to markets and dealing with piracy. With these things in place we are on our way to developing the most viable film industry in the world.