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I am a feminine,and i love that i am made by my Creator as a woman.i have never felt secondbest in my entire life when placed beside a man.ithink it is time the womenfolks,ladiesfolks,girlsfolks recognise their right as(Homebuilders,good administrators of resources,a peculiar person)and take it by force.No more cry n no more intimidation.We have heard great women(Funmi Ransome Kuti,Queen Amina of Zaria,Maria Makenba,Kudirat Abiola etc), of our times in African who resisted oppression in whatever form and fought their way through turbulent times,obstacles,men ego and got to their destination.Presently,We have Ngozi Iweala,Dora Akinyili,Obiageli Ezekwezili(Nigeria),Opray Wilfrey(USA)just to mention a few.As a woman with equal gender equality it is good to think equal and act equal along your male counterpals even when they want to intimidate,never give your consent.Hold on to your virtue(s) as a great woman by believing in yourself,holding your head high above all else around you,fighting through with wisdom to possess your possession,keeping your homefront with the Lord God as your All in All,be kind to your self and people around you whether friends or enemies,smilling and moving forward,prayerful and fasting always to remove any blockade on your way by Divine Power,increase your knowledge by seeking it etc if you do the above you will see that you will never be secondbest or being trodden down by any man in any place in any where at anytime.They respect and honor you.Lastly help by resisting female inequality by voicing your voice and walking your talk.Desire think equal and act equal and it shall be yours. Enjoy your day in the Lord.