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Please i will like you to know that there is a dire need to develop women.I however frown at a situation where equality means that men are deprived of their economic status.Its good that women must also be allowed to work and earn money , which is a good idea.But the money men earn is the family's money, and madam's money is her money which she only shares with her family when the need arise.Such monies are are betther spent on their own family and france made cosmetics.The man still has to buy her a car and bear responsibilities.No wonder there are so many widows and the world population is saturated with women.Because the society expect too much from men, while a woman is merely expected to bear children.This division of the available jobs between genders and the non even traditional ditribution of the incomes, for the whole family but on hair attachment, cosmetics and latest dresses manufactured overseas, is the origin of a new type of poverty which the World Bank should document:How much of a man.s income or that of a man is spent on their immediate family. Men over the decades, even centuries have worked hard to take care of their families, fight great wars and die in millions, even where one village fight with the other, men have given their lives to protect the land resources and the women. Efforts have always been made to protect women and children While saddam Hossein's two sons and grand sons were been shot dead, his two daughters were applying for visas at foreign embassies.Jenniffer Lopez has divorced three husbands.She is better off financially than the first two.She was nice enough to give employment to the first two husbands.Did lawyers battle to divide her assets ?.If she has been a man what would have happend.women are very important and in some communities women are looked down upon.yet the properties of a man belong , not to him.Black men pay dowry before marriage , white people pay dowry after marriage in form of settlements and allimonies.Please balance this call for equality, when more than half of enrolled students in the universities, secondary schools and primary schools are already female.