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Submitted by Kofi Yeboah-Agyemang on
It is a fact that women advocacy for gender equality is real, yet the truism is that there should be enough common play field for women to be able to bring off their best. Most of the men benefited a great deal from either their mothers or senior sisters when they were young. However, when they grow and get married another woman hijack the man and make it impossible to give back to the very society that brought him up. The women gender advocates should take a serious look about this social problem that invariably leads to the antagonism and petty squabbles of the married women and their in-laws, a situation that could easily be avoided, for the whole society to have achieved the common goal of putting food on the table, a house to lay your head and clothing to wear-thus leading to a just society. Let's avoid he mad rush of copying certain traditions and norms we have little understanding or knowledge.